Warm up

I don’t even know where to begin. Characters and stories have been building up in my mind, unable to escape for days, maybe even weeks. They want out, but I cannot even think of a place to start. At any moment these characters will be full grown and burst from my head like Athena from that of Zeus. I carry them around day after day, pushing them back so I can finish school work. They are becoming impatient. I need a prompt. Someone give me a prompt!

The ideas sit stagnant like fresh water unable to move…unable to flow. They are dammed up waiting to be released. They rise and threaten to overflow into everything…my dreams, my school papers, etc. I wish they would begin to boil like magma in a volcano. The pressure would build and eventually they would blow the top off, explode into the air, cascade over the sides, and devour everything in sight.

Again, I am at a loss. The calm before the storm! The hurricane is coming. It is going to destroy everything in its path. I have to get these characters and story lines out before they begin to rumble deep within. They will shake the foundation of my writing, possibly even crippling it, before pulling all notions away like a tide being sucked out to sea only to return with a vengeance as a wall of water crushing, churning, and crashing.

Still, there is nothing but a blank canvas. How many lines do I need to launch this illustration? First one, then another. They cross, wind, and intersect. Some are hard and unrelenting, while others are soft and fading. Straight, unbending lines meet with gentle, curved lines. They are intertwined, dance, and mingle to create something beautiful.

Alas, time is up and I must go…


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